Optimizing the digital performance of an international consulting firm

Optimizing the digital performance of an international consulting firm
Kepler Consulting
What we create.
Project type
  • Identity & Branding
  • Website
  • User experience
  • Services
  • UX Design
  • Art Direction
  • HTML integration
  • WordPress development
  • Adapted to SEO & RGPD regulations

The briefing
Kepler Consulting is a consulting firm specializing in optimizing operational performance. Evolving in a strong competitive world, the firm wishes to modernize its digital footprint by acquiring a new identity and a new showcase site in order to appeal to future clients and employees.

The mission
How to convince as quickly as possible that Kepler Consulting is THE right company for your project or career ?

Our solutions

  1. 01. A geometrical iconography to reflect a solid forthright brand.
  2. 02. An architecture of content designed in order to generate leads.
  3. 03. Un specific treatment to applications’s space.


One month after launch, Kepler Consulting’s Website generated 7 leads (6 on the US market and 1 on the french market) and also 1850 sessions, it’s average 74 visits per day: making a efficience tool.

  • 3 min average connecting time
  • 1 SEO preserved on 150 identified expressions
  • 1 interconnection with Plezi CRM

A geometrical iconography
to reflect a forthright brand

Idea 1

Starting from the logo, which uses geometric shapes, and as an extension of this idea, we built the site about square shapes, which can take the form of a square brackets as iconographic elements.

Menu sur site web Kepler Consulting
Design verbatim Kepler site web
Design de la page accueil Kepler Consulting
Design de la page inovation Kepler Consulting
Idea 2

Unique pictograms, they are made of a line geometric style

They represent the different areas of expertise that Kepler Consulting offers to its clients.

Icons Kepler

An architecture of content designed in order to generate leads

In detail

A certain amount of content is found transversally on the site, such as customer cases (adapted to the sector) or the professions offered by the firm. All this with a view to conversion and making contact.


Un specific treatment to applications's space

The future employee seeks to know quickly if Kepler Consulting corresponds to his expectations and to his professional development. For that, he wants to have a realistic overview on life in the company.

Inspired by codes os social networks, we have created a lively and immersive grid to project candidates at Kepler Consulting through testimonials, quotes, events and even job teasers.

Design page vie chez Kepler
Design de la page recrutement Kepler Consulting

The site is perfectly adapted to mobile version

Page Blog Mobile Kepler
Page equipe KEPLER
Page Contact Mobile Kepler

We put all our expertise at your service in order to carry out well-thought-out and well-executed projects alongside you. We look forward to meeting you.

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