To build up
with teachers

To build up
with teachers
What we create.
Project type
  • Branding
  • Showcase Website
  • Automation
  • Education
  • Retail
  • UX Design
  • Art Direction
  • HTML integration
  • WordPress development
  • Salesforce interface
  • Adapted to SEO & RGPD regulations

The briefing

Dedicated to secondary and higher education, Casio Education offers a large range of calculators. They’re the leaders in France and in Belgium, with more than 80% of market shares. Now the company has to adapt to new school programs and familiarize their clients with algorithmics and programming in Python language. Prescription through teachers is a major issue in this new context.


The mission

How to attract teachers and build up connections with this strategic target over time?


Our solutions

  1. 01. A graphic identity reminiscent of the mathematics universe.
  2. 02. A concept that sports tailored content for teachers.
  3. 03. Particular attention paid to the product pages.
  4. 04. Advanced technical management of teacher-related data.


Two sites in one, released within 5 months. We have imagined a common structure for the French and Belgian markets, even though they have different product catalogs and contents.

  • 6 Different experts involved in the project
  • 1 Steering committee every two weeks
  • 50 Design mockups exported with care


the universe of


The structure of the new digital platform is based on an apparent grid, which hints at geometry plots and school notebooks. It also provides a strong aesthetic, while ensuring the responsive structure of the website.
Idea #1

Casio blue makes a comeback and a statement through dense flat planes, which gives a “blueprint” feel and visually refers to technical drawings.


content made

of teachers

Educational resources, tutorials or special offers are created by Casio to build up a special connection with its qualified target over time. Our challenge was to enhance this very specific type of content.

idea #1

A dedicated section in the main navigation bar

idea #2

Over 60 educational resources have been put together to help teachers prepare for their lessons. A special La Tex font has been embedded to be able to publish mathematical formulas.


the product

We were very careful when promoting the Casio Education range. We wanted to shine a new light on the product, while obviously highlighting its main features and helping the users find points of sales.

idea #1

Immersive video loops to showcase the main features of each product

idea #2

Cues taken from e-commerce websites to magnify Casio products


Advanced teachers

Teachers are a strategic target for Casio because they are prescribers at the start of the new school year. Curating their data over time is essential.

idea #1

We centralized the 10 different forms present on the site in a single place inside the Back-Office to allow Casio to process these contacts more easily.

9 transactional emails have been developed and are sent automatically when actions are performed on the website or from the Back-Office. Some forms were also connected to the Salesforce interface, as requested by the Japanese group.


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