To go beyond
our pejudice
on hunting

To go beyond
our pejudice
on hunting
French National Federation of Hunters
What we create.
Project type
  • Consulting
  • Branding
  • Showcase Website
  • Association
  • UX Design
  • Art Direction
  • HTML integration
  • WordPress development
  • Adapted to SEO & RGPD regulations

The Briefing

While hunting ranks among the top three favorite activities of French people, the French National Federation of Hunters (FNC) still faces a drastic increase in disrespect against hunters. Armed with steady values and a conservation mission, the FNC wishes to enhance its brand positioning through a new website.

The mission

How can we overcome stereotypes related to hunting and answer to the current trend of bashing hunting?


Our solutions

  1. 01. A modernized graphic identity, which translates the DNA of an action-oriented association.
  2. 02. A website aimed both at the general public as well as the FNC members, although they do not share the same views.
  3. 03. Features highlighting the actions of the Federation in order to alleviate the debate.


We delivered the first version of the website in 3 months. The release was planned to take place during a 360° campaign launched by the FNC to reveal its new digital identity. The atomic design allows the Federation to create new pages and content on their own.

  • 7 different experts involved in the project
  • 35 various Back-Office modules
  • 4,5 average page views

the federation


The FNC is an association approved by the French government. Its goal is to protect the environment. Therefore, we decided to re-appropriate associations’ ways to communicate, and we played around the notion of action - semantically and graphically.
Idea #1

To represent FNC’s love of Nature and only suggest hunting to convince more easily.

Immersive video loops have been created out of the media sources of the Federation’s photographer, who travels through the most beautiful regions in France. These loops offer users to be at one with nature, digitally speaking.

Idea #2

To choose from action verbs and highlight what matters the most.


all marks

The content architecture has been designed around 4 main pillars, which meet each of the Federation's targets.

Understand the federation

This section provides a better appreciation of the association’s missions and tries to clarify them to the general public.

Discover hunting

This part of the website showcases the hunting activities in an educational way through its History, key figures and even FAQ.

Acting for biodiversity

This branch illustrates what the Federation’s and its ecosystems contributions are in France and how they advocated for Nature’s best interests on a daily basis.

Practice hunting

Designed for hunters, this category allows members to learn more about the regulations or even the dates on which the hunting seasons begin.


Clear up
the debate
with facts

Finally, we have chosen functionalities that shine a different light on the work of the Federation and help fight prejudice.

Idea #1

Place the many actions in favor of biodiversity on interactive maps.

Idea #2

Present the studies carried out by the Federation in a more didactic and visual way.

Idea #3

Allow everyone to form their own opinion, thanks to verified information.

Sprinkled over the pages, we placed a “Fake News or Facts” module that lets users test their knowledge in a fun way, in order to debunk conventional ideas about hunters.


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