beyond the real

Interactive installations


beyond the real

Let's take your audience out of the ordinary with an interactive and poetic scenography. Whether event or permanent, these installations truly immerse each visitor in the universe of your brand.

For a moment, let's create beautiful memories together for a long time.

We put all our expertise at your service in order to carry out well-thought-out and well-executed projects alongside you. We look forward to meeting you.

In detail

The interactive world is increasingly attractive and is found in all areas: education, events, health, retail, cultural space … Interactivity allows you to capture the attention of your audience and more easily convey your message. Many uses are possible for a presentation to a large audience: projection mapping, interactive table, augmented reality, QR code …


The installation of interactive materials requires special know-how and experience. Indeed, several factors must be considered, such as the device, the image formats and the intended use (permanent or ephemeral).


Our teams can offer you a personalized aid to make your project a reality, such as the creation of an interactive timeline, for example. Together, we develop a high quality visual, sound and interactive installation.


Our goal: to create interactive solutions that meet your goals, to transport your audience to the world of your brand.

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