Involve the teaching
community in a unique

Involve the teaching
community in a unique
Casio Education
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Project type
  • Campaign and digital activation
  • Education
  • Copywriting
  • UX Design
  • Art Direction
  • WordPress development

The brief

For the launch of two new calculators, the iconic Casio brand wanted to develop a memorable digital activation for a community of teachers. This teasing phase is a real highlight for the brand. To meet this challenge, the Bien-Fondé agency helped transform the product launch into an exciting scientific adventure.

The challenge

How do you create awareness and commitment around the release of an educational product aimed at a target group of teachers ?

Our answer:

  1. 01. Activation in the form of a logbook
  2. 02. An event site punctuated by episodes
  3. 03. An entertaining graphic universe 

Activation in the form

The launch is based on a creative concept: THE GOOD EQUATION. This naming refers to the research work that guided Casio's teams to create a new product adapted to scientific learning. Thus, THE GOOD EQUATION is the sum of the various stages in the product's design. Until the right result is obtained: the solution.

This concept enables us to share a year’s worth of thinking and innovation with teachers, via a digital logbook, revealing the behind-the-scenes aspects of this scientific adventure. The diary provides information on the product in a fun, educational way. It’s a format that invites teachers to discover step by step, in the form of episodes, the different stages of design.

This logbook comes to life on an events website developed by the agency. Content is also available on all Casio communication channels: print media, social networks, newsletters. And to keep the target audience on its toes during this teasing period, a competition is organized for each new page of the journal.


An event-driven site rhythmic by episodes.

This event website integrates modules for managing registrations and forms to optimize data processing.

From February 8 to March 21, the site will unveil 5 episodes, broadcast every two weeks, to tease the community. Each episode corresponds to an editorial theme, and features a variety of content: offbeat anecdotes, audio excerpts, interviews, design visuals…The five episodes unlock chronologically until the final product reveal.


A recreative graphic universe

To ensure Casio's fun and educational tone, the agency proposed a graphic design with references to school and mathematics. Visual references accompany the content to give it added personality.

As part of the launch, the team has also designed a medium dedicated exclusively to teachers: “You’re part of the equation”. This event-based format invites them to embark on the adventure with the creation of a boarding pass. Referring to the grand prize to be won at the very end of the activation: the trip to Japan.


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