Mobilize teams
around a transformation plan

Mobilize teams
around a transformation plan
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  • Campaign and digital activation
  • Identity & Branding
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The briefing

As a major European player in the field of IT services, SCC now wishes to implement an internal transformation plan concerning the human, its tools and the marketing of its offer. To this end, the company called on the agency to propose a naming and create a graphic identity that will accompany the program until 2025.


The mission

How to create a strong branding and visual identity that sets the tone of the transformation program for collaborators?


Our solutions

  1. 01. An ambition that is first affirmed by the chosen words
  2. 02. A long-lasting graphic charter in line with SCC’s objectives
  3. 03. An activation campaign to mobilise the teams

An ambition that is affirmed first by words

In order to best reflect SCC’s aspirations in terms of fluidity, agility and attractiveness, we worked on a specific name for this program.
After consultation, the company opted for “Up Sccale”.

A naming that perfectly evokes the desire to transform, to rise thanks to the forthcoming plan, and which echoes the name of the Group.
We also proposed a signature, in continuity, expressing this strategic evolution already underway.


A long-lasting graphic charter
and in line with SCC's objectives

Idea 1

A state-of-the-art logo

We designed a dynamic logo based on 3 colored shapes that represent the 3 projects of the transformation plan.
Both modern and technological, these abstract forms evoke movement, exchange and collaboration, while being part of the world of play.

Logo and tagline Up Sccale 2025, SCC
Idea 2

A graphic identity that evolves over time

The symbols used here evoke the idea of “Scale”, of evolution. The logo is therefore destined to grow and change over time, over the years and as the transformation plan progresses.

Logo Up Sccale, SCC
Idea 3

Emblems to memorize and identify the programme's key projects

Finally, we worked on a specific iconography for each of the transformation plan projects.
Each emblem represents a combination of symbols, each representing a mission of the plan to carry out.

emblems of 3 CSC projects representing a combination of symbols

An activation campaign to mobilize teams

In order to motivate collaborators internally, we have imagined an activation campaign over the next 3 years, which aims to inform about the progress of the program and motivate collaborators to join it.

An initial teasing phase to arouse interest by mobilising the teams. Deployed at different times, it makes it possible to identify the opinion of collaborators on the project, to create enthusiasm and to explain the challenges of the plan and the expectations of the teams.

A second phase of revelation to mobilise over the long term. With continuous and punctual operations, it allows people to learn more about the program, to appreciate its progress and, above all, to get involved by taking part in fun games, alone or in teams.

Finally, the program ends with a mini-game that opens the doors to the SCC of tomorrow and thus allows for an assessment. This is a fun way for collaborators to validate their achievements and evaluate all the work done since the project was launched.
screens featuring the spirit of play with SCC Mobile


We put all our expertise at your service in order to carry out well-thought-out and well-executed projects alongside you. We look forward to meeting you.

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