Let’s shape

your personnality

Identity & Branding

Let’s shape

your personnality

A special and recognisable identity, this is what you need to become essential.

Brand platform, logo, editorial and graphic charter: nothing is too good to place you very high in the appreciate of your audience.

We put all our expertise at your service in order to carry out well-thought-out and well-executed projects alongside you. We look forward to meeting you.

In detail

Just as your personal identity makes you unique, your brand identity sets it apart from all others. It corresponds to the personality of your company, its values, its positioning and the promise made to your customers.


It includes the visual identity, which is expressed by the logo, by typography, by the choice of colors but also by layout rules to form a whole that is both coherent and unique. Editorial identity and sound identity are also integral parts of the identity.


We formalize everything in a set of documents essential to your strategy: brand platform, graphic charter, editorial charter, etc.

These building blocks set you apart from the competition and make a lasting impression on your targets and prospects.


Bien-Fondé supports you throughout the creation of your brand.

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