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Interactive Filter

Infiltrate in


Discussing through interposed messages is no longer enough.

To make your communities react, offer them fun filters that allow them to increase their realities.

Apply it to the face as a selfie or view it on the other side of the camera, nothing looks too good to build relationships.

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In detail

Interactive filters allow you to create fun images or videos that are practical to share on social networks (Instagram, Facebook, etc.). Original and funny, they are easy to use and readily shared. Making up a real viral marketing tool, they make it possible to increase the notoriety of your brand or your latest novelty. Adopted by the youngest, they allow you to rejuvenate your audience and your image.


We will be at your side to create an interactive filter that can be used on social networks that corresponds to your universe. To be effective, the filter must both stick to your brand identity and provide that little bit of fun that will make it successful.


A successful interactive filter is a real weapon of mass communication: each user will share it with their network, and you will be able to reach many digital users thanks to this snowball effect.


Call on our specialists to create impacting interactive filters that will boost your notoriety and your image!

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